21 and over only. Online sales start November 7th at 9am for all three events.

General Admission  2-5pm  $40

Enjoy nearly limitless samples of over 80 hand-selected regional and international brews from our ever-growing list. Plus, don’t miss your chance to rub elbows with our local brewmasters. Tickets are limited so don't miss your chance.

VIP Admission  12-5pm  $55

An extra 2 hours, beer floats, access to limited offerings, and a special Mug (not the clay one). We are going to drive around and cherry-pick some hard to find brews and serve them to our VIPs first. Limited to 300.

Designated Driver  12-5pm  $20

Are you the DD by choice or chance? Don't despair! Pre-sale DD's get a DD Only t-shirt, root beer floats, bottomless cups of water and rootbeer, and maybe a few more suprises. DD's can even accompany VIP's.