York City Pretzel Company

Snacks Sponsor

The Tire Mart

Glass Sponsor

Golden Crust

Ticket Sponsor

The Beer Ace

Equipment and Promotion

Fly Magazine

Promotion Sponsor

South Mountain Creamery

Ice Cream Sponsor...for floats and stuff!


Cross Promotion Sponsor

CrocodileDog Marketing

We run the thing!

Media Sponsor

Pick an advertisement medium and work with us to bring people in the door and demonstrate the power of your medium

Stage Sponsor

Get your banner accross the "[Your company name] Stage"

Glass Sponsor

Get your logo or name on our souvenir glasses. Real glass, full sized.

Snacks Provider

Get your product out in front of all our festival attendees. We've had cheese and beef jerkey that have gone over very well.

Services Sponsor

Do you have a service that we need? Let us know and we could work something out.

Equipment Sponsor

We need many things to run the festival. Provide some of tha tfor us and we will make sure people know.

Product Placement

We have room for all kinds of stuff. Get your product out in front of people, such as cars.

Designated Driver Program

We give out a free t-shirt, rootbeer, and water to all of our DD's. Get your name on that service.

Water Sponsor

We like to give out water to everyone. Supply the water and you can put whatever label you want on it